About Us

Salon Exclusive™ is committed to maintaining healthy hair through the usage of quality products and to service its customers with the products they need, when they need it.

Stellar Service. Superb Support. Sustained Salon Relationships.

Salon Exclusive is energized with a team of talented professionals with extensive hair industry experience and credentials. Through aggressive and successful distribution over the past several years, the company has built strong partnerships with the very best salons and hairdressers across the United States.

Salon Exclusive's philosophy is built around the principles of formulating, nurturing and sustaining a close working professional relationship with all of their salon partners. The Salon Exclusive Professional Relationship is created upon the corporate commitment that the Salon Exclusive customers always come first, deserving stellar service and superb support. Expedited delivery systems guarantee Salon Exclusive customers will receive the products that they need, when they need them. Sophisticated shipping options allow customers to select a variety of means to quickly receive their desired products.

Cutting Edge Products

Designed with the professional hairdresser in mind, the Salon Exclusive products are consistently on the cutting edge. Offering superior formulations with the highest quality ingredients such as Shea butter and jojoba oil, the products address a comprehensive cross section of the hair consumers with a myriad of hair types and care requirements.

Every Salon Exclusive hair care formula and treatment is painstakingly developed through extensive research and development in the company's corporate laboratories. The team of highly respected corporate chemists is constantly striving to find innovative solutions to hair problems.

Salon Exclusive is dedicated to the ongoing creation of exciting new products that meet the changing requirements of their impressive customer base while respecting the need to minimize the inclusion of damaging or harsh additives.

Because 100% customer satisfaction combined with service and support is the primary corporate goal, the company always stands completely behind all of their products.

Top Drawer Training

The team of experts at Salon Exclusive understand the importance of providing top notch, ongoing training for hairdressers to achieve the highest level of success when using Salon Exclusive product lines.

Understanding clearly that training builds product knowledge, Salon Exclusive team members strive to elevate product awareness and thus create tangible results. As an added benefit, in some situations, the company offers continuing education credits for annual hairdresser licensing requirements.

The Salon Exclusive team offers iron-clad assurance that they will aggressively create and sustain dialogues with hairdressers who utilize their products. The Team strives to increase the level of understanding about the products to empower hairdressers to successfully market the products to their consumer clients.

The company recognizes the importance of ongoing training. Salon owners that adopt the Salon Exclusive product lines can expect to derive the following benefits from the company's training:

  • Resolution of product usage questions or issues
  • Opportunity for ongoing product line feedback
  • Consistent utilization of the product line
  • Identification of needs for further support, assistance or training
  • Assistance with consumer education and marketing techniques
  • Development of product use confidence

Team Salon Exclusive guarantees that the adoption of their product lines will result in the development of a long and ongoing relationship between the Salon Exclusive team, the salons and their staff of hairdressers as well as 100% product satisfaction.

Salon Exclusive is dedicated to providing the professional salon industry with stellar service, superb support, top drawer training and leading edge products.