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Q. My hair is dull, dull, and boring! What can I do?

A. So your hair is boring you to tears? Well, dry your eyes because help is on the way. There are so many factors that can cause your problem: hard water, pollutants in the environment and buildup from styling products are usually the main culprits. Healthy, shiny, beautiful hair is one of the most important beauty accessories. What your hair needs is a one-two-three punch to revitalize your hair -- consisting of deep cleansing, conditioning and an extra boost of shine. Try Salon Exclusive™ Revitalizing Shampoo: A truly therapeutic shampoo, formulated to gently cleanse hair and scalp.

Then try Salon Exclusive™ Gold Moisture Sheen (with Shea Butter):

Salon Exclusive™ Gold Moisture Sheen is a unique moisture-rich conditioner with panthenol that adds incredible silkiness and shine to the hair. It is designed to:

  • Rebuild the moisture base
  • Draw moisture to damage areas to prevent breakage
  • Restore hairs normal asses mantel PH
  • Impart a non-oily silky feel with glossy sheen
  • Detangle and improve hair comb ability

And the final punch, use Salon Exclusive™ Instant Shine: Instant Shine immediately silkens hair while giving it an extraordinary shine. It enhances the look of your finished styles and gives a natural gloss when used while thermal styling.

Q. Whenever I use my hair gel or mousse I never get the right look. My hair just looks slick and greasy.

A. Styling products should be chosen with great care as they can make or break your hairstyle. Gels are great body builders. Here's what you do . . . After you've towel dried and combed out your hair, flip your head upside down. Lightly dip your fingers into the gel and massage it into your roots. Flip your head back up and rub any remainig gel together in your hands. Distribute it evenly at the hairline for added lift around your face. Avoid the temptation to apply gel on the ends, because it will only weigh your hair down. Try Salon Exclusive™ Firm Hold Styling Gel: A fast drying, no flaking formulation that provides a firm hold and gives control when creating today's hairstyles. It provides conditioning without an oily feel. This gel can be used on all hair types and aids in achieving all hairstyles.